Walking in the Presence of God: (from The Living Reminder)

Well, that’s a huge challenge to keep my mind ticking over all day – we thinking that ‘loving God with all our heart, mind & soul’ is to give “as much as possible”, but God wants ALL our heart, mind & soul. All of it… All of it…!

Sorry, am just going to chew over that for the rest of the day…

Love is All: Matthew 22:34-38

The FIRST commandment – LOVE LOVE LOVE – ALL heart, soul & mind…

Prayer: Love a couple of bits in this prayer – reminded again that “we are it” – God is not sending ‘magic troops’ “make your love a reality in this world.”

“Keep me rooted in your love and let me flower into a new person transformed by the giving & receiving of your grace.”

Advent Action: Well, that’s an action I’ve been working on for several years – finding an ‘old tape’ from the past and seeking to pack it away to acknowledge ‘the shelter of a loved and loving God’.

Let me see what Pam’s written

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