Real Listening: (from speech, 1994)

obedire = listening (root of the word ‘obedience’)

From Seed Resources
From Seed Resources

audire = listening with great attention

Surdusnot listening/deaf (root of the word ‘absurd’)

Listen from the heart, not the mind = I interpret as ‘God is not an academic exercise’?

A Good Shepherd: Psalm 23:1-4, 6

“He makes me lie down in green pastures…” – well, it’s been a little frosty for that today, but I have certainly spent most of today lying down, either dozing or reading Harry Potter. I have way too much work to do, but need some creativity which means need to catch up on sleep… And over the past few years I’ve definitely made my way through some really dark times…

Prayer: SO many daily distractions = short-sighted. How to pay full attention/truly listen?

Advent Action: Memorise a prayer helpful in times of trouble – a prisoner learnt the whole of Psalm 23.

Off to check Pam’s post

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