The Sacred Encounter: (from The Road to Daybreak)

Two women = changing history (always inspiring, but particularly so here)

“How can I ever let God’s grace fully work in my life unless I live in a community of people who can affirm it, deepen it, and strengthen it?”

Community is an endless fascination to me – I always sought to create it as a Guide leader, as an Oak Hall leader, and feedback was that people, who had come individually felt part of a proper community – if only for a short time. What I love is that social media has enabled us to extend the time of that community – some loose bonds, and some have developed into strong bonds – and that’s what I’m seeing happen among those that join Big Bible… and that’s what keeps me going! Once a couple of other large commitments are out of the way, the plan is to undertake research into what it means to be in community online – and what the ‘reality’ of that looks like… and the other day I wrote a piece on this for Bible Reflections!

Coming Together in God’s Grace: Luke 1:39-41, 56

Real time to get to know each other… and a lovely poem on Seed Resources!

Prayer: Never too old, never too sinful to meet God with hospitality/trust.

Advent Action: Offer “gentle assistance to someone in your environment who is in need: of praise, of a good word, of day-brightening laughter.”

Now off to see what Pam has thought about today – in our own little community – journeying together – many miles apart!!

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