The Coming of the Lord: (Journal Article)

“Life is Advent” – be alert for the coming of God – recognise that he is coming at all times…

Of particular interest – bearing in mind my particular interest in #MediaLit13 – is that ‘read in the daily papers’ for signs of the coming of God (alongside friends, family, teachers…). As a lecturer in media studies (though I don’t think you need that to notice..) – we know that papers tend to focus upon the bad news, so that does make me wonder how we find the good news of God’s coming..

Keep Awake and Watch: Mark 13:32-36

Just makes me think of that twisted view that we should have ‘fun’ then ask for forgiveness when old … but we never know when God is coming, or when we may meet with an accident, etc. Once we look past the ‘rigid rules’ of so much ‘religion’, and accept that we are finally enabled to ‘live life to the full’ why would we want to wait? Keep calm, carry on with life, and enjoy the time when it comes … #thinkingaloud

Prayer: Pray for alertness- as a Dr ‘watches for signs of returning health’ [so much thought of analogies after the Cranmer Hall Christmas Party last night!]. My brain is tweaking at the words ‘endurance’ to watch…

Advent Action:  Up early 15 mins, or to bed 15 mins later to ‘watchfully wait & pray’ – do we not do this as we go about our daily lives?

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