Prepare the Way of the Lord: (from The Road to Daybreak)

Advent – intended to be deep time to prepare for the coming of Christ (not the presents, etc.). Christ wants to join us – but we need to be truly open (in order to hear, etc…)

A reminder of the difference between the urgent & the important … Time disappears in a whirl .. and we think we have all day to take time for prayer – and suddenly it’s evening (oh yes, know that feeling – not that I’ve ever planned an actual day of prayer!!)

Born Again: 1 Peter 1:22-23

Not entirely sure how the 2 work together, but “Your new life is not like your old life.” is a good section to remember.

Prayer: “lead us out of your darkness into the light of your grace”

Ah, so we need to be open, to allow the grace in – so that our new life will not be like our old life!

Advent Action: Um – salt is a sign of purification so give up salting your food today (I don’t usually anyway – more than enough in most foods we get!)

And off to check out Pam’s post… also Richard, Claire, Sara & Dorothy!

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