True Identity: (from a speech)

“when you can hear in your heart, not in your head, that you are truly God’s beloved daughter… everything turns around.”

Certainly spent long enough thinking through whether “really” accepted … was then going say had a ‘feeling of peace’ – but even then can’t trust feelings, just have to trust, and go ahead on that basis.

Our Mission: Isaiah 49:1-2Jeremiah 1:4-5

Loved before we were born, and after we die (and whilst we’re living too I hope!) .. that always raises questions for me about if I was chosen, what about anyone else – then I think we are all chosen, but we have to choose to want to be chosen? Does that make any sense..

Prayer: ‘Consecrated us into your care’ …

Advent Action: “Wear a sprig of holly as a sign of our goal to do good and as a symbol of eternal life.” I have holly in my garden I have seen – with berries and everything …

Now off to check out Pam’s post.

Can I just say… it’s been a lovely day. I managed to get up on time, fought the wind/rain, the bus arrived 60 seconds after getting to the stop, stopped early, got to train station in plenty of time, got a good seat, got some work done, arrived early enough in London to pop off to Kensal Green to pick up the authentic Brazilian flavouring for black beans (I got a taste for it when I lived in Mogi das Cruzes), arrived in plenty of time for giving a talk at Oasis College, which I really enjoyed, and the staff/students seemed to enjoy/find helpful, posted a tweet to see if anyone wanted to meet at Liverpool Street as finished in plenty of time, and got to meet with @batty_towers for a 20 min chat, before a decent seat on the train, picked up by my Mum, nice meal, and now heading to bed with Book 3 of the Narnia Series – that’s The Horse and His Boy as far as my series is concerned .. whilst catching up with Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience as a police officer… Prayers for good sleep & concentration for the forthcoming week 🙂


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