#AdventBookClub: Day 21

Belovedness Belongs to All: (from a speech)


So … once we realise how beloved of God we are, we will recognise that all others are beloved of God … we are all special/equal in the eyes of God. I hope this is how I live my life already…

Now what is particularly interesting here is the way that Nouwen indicates how being ‘special’ to God is different from how the world sees it – the world sees ‘special’ as ‘different from everyone else’ and e.g. awards are valuable because not everyone gets an award (I guess that’s where some of the debates about CNMAC etc have come from). The world says we have to compete to be better than others – rather than supporting/encouraging others from where they are… (coaching perspective…?)

Who is the Greatest? Mark 9:33-35

“Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.”

This is a verse that’s often used as an argument against “Christian celebrities”, but we are in the world (if not of the world), and if we want the world to listen, we have to participate in being part of that world, but with the right approach…

Love this video… Jesus managed without Facebook (because it wasn’t invented – naturally) – but we have these powerful communications tools at our fingertips – share with the world:

Prayer: Take away our desires to be the best, greatest, famous, popular, etc… and a willingness to be the last, least important, etc…

Advent Action: Well, we’ve been looking at some options for thankfulness on Big Bible … Make a list of blessings/benefits given to us, give thanks, and share as possible…

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