Betrayal: (from speech, 1994)

As someone with a fascination for community I am going to copy this whole bit out:

Parker Palmer, a spiritual writer of the Quaker tradition, says community is the place where the person you least want to live with always lives. So community is not like a place where you love each other sort of freely and warmly and affectionately. Community is in fact the place where you are purified, where your love is tested, where your childhood of God is constantly put through the mill of human relationships. That is what community is. Community is a place where Judas always is and sometimes it is just you.

What I have been seeking to do with Big Bible – it’s certainly not about me, but about finding a range of voices, and giving them an opportunity to speak … Some I might agree with, some I may not..

The Twelve:  Matthew 10:1-4

I wondered if this was chosen, as with Catholic nuances in this text, there’s more of an adoration for the apostles, but I see that in each community that we live, we get to know the names of those in the community with us, there may be weaker members … but – am I reading too much – we can do much together!

Prayer: “Let us understand that our gatherings into church, family, and neighbourhood as a way to find you in the midst of imperfections and humanness – especially our own”.

Advent Action: “Love enough to remove one annoyance you know is a cause of irritation to another”

[Maybe I should stop annoying my Mum by being still in my PJs, sat in bed at 1pm!]

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