In 2011, £10,000 of funding was secured from JISC to promote digital literacy amongst the ‘Organisational Development in Higher Education Group’.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many OD practitioners are not comfortable with DLs. Opportunities for the effective use of DLs can easily be missed or not enthusiastically promoted. This bid is about helping organisational developers to gain confidence with DLs through building better understanding of best practice. ODs would then be able to contribute much more effectively to organisational take-up of DL initiatives.

I conducted a baseline survey amongst the group, which substantiated the anecdotal evidence, but highlighted the majority of the group had mobile devices. At the first national meeting I highlighted why we need to be involved in the digital sphere, at the second we captured video of the groups thoughts on digital literacy. At the third I sought to elicit what were the tasks that the group particularly need to engage with, and where technology can help. We agreed that the following blog would be developed, along with a webinar and JISC email list, which would allow the group to continue to share thinking and expertise throughout the year – allowing the national meetings to be richer. I will attend two further meetings – the next to help the group make best use of the blog to think how they want to portay themselves, and draw attention to the work that they do:


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