#AdventBookClub: Day 4

Turning Loneliness into Solitude: (from Reaching Out)

Sounds quite like experiences of depression – waiting for the dawn, clinging to all kinds of things hoping that this time there will be a different way out … but that if listen “to our restless hearts” we may find joy in sadness, peace in fears, and compassion in the midst of greed.

I guess I’ve been taking time out this week – Christmas for many = a mad shopping rush … I ended up with much of mine from a couple of places in Prague (small, but something not available in the UK …) so was done, knew I was having a quiet Christmas, and seeking a week away from responsibilities. So what have I done (just thinking this through for myself, and seeing the joy in what has been some sad times) – I’ve been here since Thursday evening:

  • I slept a lot (always good!), kept up with #adventbookclub, and wrote my thank yous!
  • I got to spend time with my Mum/Dad and youngest brother & family
  • Been out for one walk (usually pushing myself down the gym)… probably need some fresh air now.. .
  • Read 3 out of the 8 books that I planned to for #DigitalParenting, but created a clear bibliography, and got myself going on it …
  • Read the last 5 of the Narnia series & started to think how could use in #BigRead13
  • Read about 5 nonsense novels & watched several films
  • Updated my personal website (think I’ve found it all now!) and did quite a bit more to Digital Fingerprint.
  • Kept content going on #BigBible whilst managing to detach from emails, and largely on social media for ‘fun’!

I’m far too good at looking at the huge pile of what still needs to be done … so thought I would enjoy what I have done … So shortly it is time to pack up & head back north – First Class had cheap tickets so should be enjoyable, right, despite the 2 changes!

I will Extol You, O Lord: Psalm 30:4-5; 11-12

Prayer: Surrender sackcloth & weeping to joyously praise in song.

Christmas Action: Practice cheerfulness (hmm, always have reservations about this, it’s good to look on the positive side of life, but sometimes that just leaves people feeling even more misunderstood & that there must be something wrong that they can’t be positive about all kinds of things …). I did find that writing a thankfulness diary, however, allows increased cheerfulness … Trying to find the balance between those pat Christian answers, and those which are genuine encouragements to heed…

Now what did Pam say?

By Digital Fingerprint

Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @ Manchester Metropolitan University. Interested in digital literacy and digital culture  in the third sector (especially faith). Author of 'Raising Children in a Digital Age', regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting.

One reply on “#AdventBookClub: Day 4”

I’m feeling that I have to do these posts as ‘me’ before I look at what everyone else is saying as I find everything interesting and can ‘see’ what someone else is getting at – then can’t think what I would have thought.. Enjoyed heading over to see that both Pam & Dorothy were uncomfortable with that last bit too – loved Dorothy’s take on it (

However, the heart of the story is that God came to be with us in a stable, the baby was laid in a manger… ox and ass, yes – and what do they produce in abundance?? manure! So surely God is with us in the shit of life, and if at this moment your own life feels as if you are up to your neck in it and someone’s making waves, then God is right there with you. That is the message of Christmas. And the promise is that, as you reach out and take His hand, He will lift you up out of the mess and set your feet on a firm foundation.

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