The Wide Embrace, The Narrow Gate:

The values of childhood? “The eternal Son became a child so that I might become a child again and so reenter with him into the Kingdom of the Father”

Children = purer, not polluted by the world, speaks as they find it is the one I always think of … dreams big and believes everything is possible!

How Great is the Reward! Luke 6:20-21. Blessings for being poor, hungry & crying … (always wonder how we respond when people ask us about this… all v well saying blessings in heaven – can make it hard for people to listen to us… is also great joy in living still on earth).

Prayer: Beatitude = “Supreme blessedness or happiness” – be blessed rather than with superficial happiness. Sorrow for sins rather than tears over our worldly losses…

Christmas Action: Give something away – e.g. a place in the supermarket queue or do a chore for someone…

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