Together, Much can be accomplished

Mental Hostility: (from Reaching Out)

Fear and hostility are not limited to our encounters with burglars, drug addicts or strangely behaving types. In a world so pervaded with competition, even those who are very close to each other, such as classmates, teammates, colleagues in work, can become infected by fear and hostility when they experience each other as a threat to their intellectual or professional safety.”

This is one of the most depressing things to observe – especially in Christian work – where we could be working together, doing great things, but ego still fights through (and even noted in the way that things that are funded – when it becomes more “dangerous” to give things away/share for free…). Big Bible was set up to allow a space to share what’s already on the net, and also to add some new content to that, and those values can be tricky to adhere to always… Had been thinking about this this morning – and pinned the above pic to Pinterest!

As Genesis 2:18 says: “It is not good for man to be alone.”

The Example of Jesus: Hebrews 12:1-3

Almost a “WWJD” verse? We have a race before us (our own race, but we can encourage others also in their races, support what they are doing, etc.) – Jesus is the one we look to to inspire us, also remembering that he endured the Cross … so that we may not “grow weary or lose heart.”

Prayer: Teach us to disregard the difficulties/hostilities aimed at us, knowing nothing can remotely equal the ignominy of death on the cross.

I always think that this kind of comment should be accompanied by a note that the cross was horrendous, but that doesn’t mean that our sufferings do not count… God is with us in them… 

Christmas Action: Take responsibility today for one action you would rather not claim. That’s a saying that is accompanied by a slightly sick feeling, though I can’t think of anything I’d want to do this about at the moment … usually the sick feeling won’t go away til action is taken … so… ones I can think of done at the mo! 

Now, what did Pam write?

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