The Discipline of Generosity (from The Return of the Prodigal Son)

Generosity is a sign of moving from fear to love… overcoming emotions/feelings that hold me back from freely giving.

The root of ‘gen’ as being our ‘kinfolk’ – giving out of the relationship, rather than waiting for the feelings to be right…

Be great to think of more small ways to give generously … is making me think about how technology/micro-payments have made it so much easier to support others (especially in times of not having much ££, though generosity of time, etc. is also important) – e.g. JustGiving, PayPal, etc. allow a gesture of support with a small donation – and more people are looking to work together – look to 50 people for small donations – and encourage them to support your work more than just financially – rather than 1 big chunk of money from somewhere – it’s inspiring…

The Goodness of the Righteous Psalm 37:7-9; 16, 21

“do not fret over those who prosper in their way” – so much worry about how others are doing, rather than rejoicing that they are doing well – and finding our own path…

The righteous are generous and keep giving … truly seen this happen with many in my communities (online, offline, blended – you name it) – especially in terms of time, encouragement, and practical support!


God = beyond all generosity – gave us love – out of which we can find the strength to give.

Christmas Action “Accept the challenges of life without moaning and groaning about them.”

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