Small Gifts, Big Consequences: (from The Road to Daybreak

From Seed Resources
From Seed Resources

The world like things to be large, big, impressive, and elaborate. God chooses the small things which are overlooked in the big world.

Nouwen uses the story of the loaves and the finishes to demonstrate that ‘what little we give away multiplies’.

This is the way of God. The little love we have, the little knowledge we have, the little advice we have, the little possessions we have, are given to us as gifts of God to be given away. The more we give them away, the more discover how much there is to give away.

This is what we seek to do in bringing together a range of voices in Big Bible  – the more we each contribute our small mite, the more the possibilities for conversation open up.

Feeding the Multitudes: John 6:8-11

Gave thanks, distributed – as much as they wanted.

Prayer: We talk in #Bigread13 (and previous years) about feasting on the Bible over Lent – pray that we have the hunger for that feast, rather than physical food!

Christmas Action: Give loving attention to the small actions of others – good will, kind words & friendship – and reciprocate. So many opportunities for this online … but in all aspects of life!

Let me go & see Pam’s – with one more day of this book!

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