The Water of Purity: (from Jesus & Mary: Finding our Sacred Centre

As a non-Catholic some of this is maybe a little lost on me, but the final paragraph is more helpful:

The people of Israel were led through the Red Sea; Jesus was baptised in the Jordan; someone poured water on my head shortly after I was born. Blessed are the pure of heart; they shall see God.

Where do we go for our refreshment & to become pure?

The Baptism of Jesus: Mark 1:9-11

We don’t have the same supernatural experience … but our own .. ?! Maybe a little lost… 

Prayer: Now this is where I really start to see something out of today:

Give us the grace to look for you among the crowds and the perseverance to find you even among the commotion. Keep out hearts and our attention fixed on you. Amen.

Christmas Action: Honour your own baptism…

Well, I think I was baptised as a child – so is it that, or the first personal decision (Billy Graham), or coming to an understanding of Grace (Oak Hall)… ?! Every step on the journey is important, right? 

Now what did Pam write as we come to the last day of this book?

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