So, how long was it since you read the Narnia series?

I’ve been re-reading them all for #BigRead13, a Lent course that I’ve developed a ‘layer of conversation’ for … C.S.Lewis wrote the books, Rowan William wrote this commentary, a number of amazing people wrote reflections on themes that Williams had identified, we then developed housegroup material, and then Williams filmed some thoughts for us to engage with as part of our housegroups.

We’ve then developed daily material – comprised of:

Which I plan to engage with, along with Brian Draper’s daily material, will be keeping an eye on Pam’s Perambulations, and I’m keen to test my ability to sit still for around 10 minutes a day doing absolutely nothing for #notbusy… that’ll be a challenge and a half ! Quite different from last year’s Lent challenge, which was to give up shopping in supermarkets for Lent (use up what was in my cupboards/shop in small local shops) – which has changed my shopping habits for life!

See former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams introduce #BigRead13:

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