A Parent’s Guide to the iPad Nick Vandome – 2012 (In Easy Steps) #DigitalParenting

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  • Quick Tips
  • Your Child Needs an iPad
  • Getting to Know the iPad
  • iPad Security
  • Apps and the App Store
  • Educational Apps
  • iPad for Productivity
  • Photos & Videos
  • Music, Games & More
  • Communicating
  • Sharing with the iPad
  • Index

Ideal to encourage children to use the device as it allows them  to communicate, study & play in one go.  Kids will enjoy using the iPad on their own. “However, you should try and ensure that it is not solely a solitary pastime: try and develop the feeling that using the iPad can be a shared experience. This can help you understand how our child is using the iPad and you can also discuss any potential problems. Talk openly about what your expect the iPad to be used for and aim to create mutual trust about a balance between using it as a study tool and also an entertainment centre. But most of all, try and make sure that you and your child can make using the iPad together an enjoyable experience.”

  • Offer support when needed but be prepared to sit back and let them use it if they seem happy with it.
  • Be prepared to learn yourself – let your children teach you
  • Talk honestly to your child about potential problem areas such as inappropriate websites/using message boards – they are then more likely to come to you if there’s a problem.

The importance, as with other practical books, of giving instructions of how to activate privacy settings.

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