Book CoverThe second edition of a very practical book, as the author seeks to update a four-year old text, encouraging people to get the most of out of their time online (all ages). Since the last edition the Cloud has become significant, as has changing trends in a willingness to use e-content and not just hard-content (whilst companies work out how to charge us for that).

The web is central to our everyday experience and has allowed us opportunities to harness collective knowledge: has information become more democratic, allowed more personal creativity, or encouraged community? Others see it as de-socialising – creating more time alone/ shouting into an abyss with no one listening. Whatever – we are past the novelty stage, and much online activity now as mundane as using the phone.

… the personal website is like delivering a lecture while the blog opens the floor to questions and then possible dialogue.

Chapters are structured similar to this one: Blogging:

The book considers why you might want each type of function, a few examples/tips/stories, and then a range of examples with screenshots.

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