After a difficult weekend, been great to go straight to Seed Resources and find image for #lentphotos which is a place of rest… I do like sitting on a bench (usually to people watch):


#BigRead13 Thoughts

John 8:47 is clearly drawn out in today’s extract from The Magician’s Nephew

… he has made himself unable to hear my voice. If I spoke to him, he would hear only growlings and roarings. Oh, Adam’s son, how cleverly you defend yourself against all that might do you good!”

It’s so easy for us to set up barriers to being able to hear God, there’s so much noise in the world, bad news, too much work, exhaustion … and I liked the comment Phillip has just put on Facebook that yesterday’s #notbusy is one of the biggest barriers to being able to connect with God … we’re too busy to stop and listen!


I’ve always loved the idea that we can use newspapers as the basis of our prayers, and today @AndrewGraystone recommends that we look out for our local newspapers – few of us know our local communities enough … so before we head for the recycling bin, see what’s going on in your local area, and take time to pray for it.

Brian Draper: Lent 40

Again tying in with #notbusy and today’s #lentphotos – and a regular theme from Brian to take the time to take time out, and to be “fully here” with whatever you are engaged with… imagine receiving a gift:

Now, in some quiet moments, try to be the child. You might start, however, by clenching your fists tightly. Slowly open them, in the spirit of anticipation and appreciation. And as you wait, let your heart be open to receiving, as much as your hands.

Coming back to #BigRead13 – are we ready and waiting to receive the biggest gift from God? Are we “here” and listening for it?

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