So, looking at the community that we’ll spend most time with:

The Ugandan village of Ogongora is a perfect example of what happens when a church is mobilised to care for the the physical and spiritual needs of those around it. In 2003 the community fled the village – as the rebels advanced. In 2005, after two years in camps, the residents returned. With they had nothing. Houses were burnt and destroyed. Crops, cattle and all livestock gone. All appeared lost.

What was left – by the grace of God – was hope, and the raw potential in the people to improve their own lives.

It sounds like Pastor Joseph will be one of the key people we’ll meet:

and look out for the stories of others: Grace, Elizabeth, Richard and Moses… and who will we meet during our time there? Apparently the second language in the country is English (although we’ll have a translator) so it’ll be great to hear stories of lives transformed directly from the people – and it will be interesting to see whether it will be relentlessly upbeat, or what challenges have been faced – even if not yet overcome…

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