#BigRead13: Day 7: Prayer

Today’s #lentphotos is “a luxury” – this is one for me – have rediscovered a love for swimming, and somewhere that’s hot enough to swim outside, with chill out spots – would hit the spot:

Luxurious Resort

#BigRead13 Thoughts

As I was re-reading The Magician’s Nephew this sentence struck me

‘But I’ve a sort of an idea he likes to be asked.”

We (or is that the ‘Royal We’) often think that God knows it all anyway … but this reminds us of the relationship that God wants with us, that he wants us to chat with him – as well as come to him in thankfulness and with our requests. I can sometimes be seen muttering underneath my breath, or staring at things around me as I like to pray as I walk … but I often forget – so be good to be more intentional … have 10+ minutes from bus-stop to the office most days! And how interesting is that – love seeing how themes overlap … @pamjweb reflection today from Stephen Cottrell is reflecting upon prayer:

We would be a poor friend if we met with our friend and did nothing but talk about ourselves, never asking them about themselves or giving them space to say what they wanted to – yet so often we think nothing of doing that with God.

Now today’s Bible reading finishes “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” which I struggle with as I see many unanswered prayers, and then we are told that we must have ‘prayed for the wrong thing’, or without enough faith – but we are told ‘faith as small as a mustard seed is enough’… faith that has been enough to bring me up to Durham… I’ve read a couple of really good books on prayer (Too Busy Not to Pray, and Confessions of a Prayer Wimp) – which I’ve started a board for Pinterest on … so let me know if you have recommendations to add!

“God is a communicating God” says David Wilkinson, and I am reminded in the second part of the prayer “you value communication at the heart of ours with you” of what I saw this morning on EA’s Culture Footprint with @RussBravo:

Do you think Christians ‘get’ the importance of media?  
Not as much as they need to. Some just see the worst excesses and run a mile. Jesus called us to be communicators and get stuck in.


Today’s challenge is to look for opportunities to mentor others … and we can always find someone who’s behind us on the journey – right? I trained as a life coach with The Kerslake Company – and wrote about how that had changed my perspective as an educator for my PGCLTHE. Right now trying to get myself under control – but have loved the times that have supervised dissertations as that’s a real form of mentoring – otherwise I seek to encourage at all times…


After such a terrible weekend (mentally), and such a nice sunny day yesterday – I decided it was time to sit on my garden bench (thanks previous owners) and absorb some sunshine – so I managed about 15 mins yesterday, though my mind still won’t sit still as it tries to work out how to manage my ‘to-do list’, but did come out with some ideas as to how to achieve a few others things… Meantime today, I got up and got myself down the swimming pool, did 50 lengths (don’t be too impressed, only 16m pool) – then decided to do my #notbusy in the steam room … I think I lasted 8 mins!! Good place to stop & think though…

And, again, @pamjweb thoughts from yesterday are about ‘being too busy‘ and learning to listen to your body … however full of health it may be!

Brian Draper: Lent 40

Brian’s thinking and challenge today is to be open to disruption – to not have lives that are so busy/heavily structured that there’s no space for the unexpected. I’ve always liked having a flexible life and am rather stressed that my life looks like it’s rammed til the end of May … part of me saying that’s how it has to be … but also, at a retreat with Brian before I moved to Durham I promised myself that this was an opportunity for a new start – life that would be full for fun/adventure, fellowship and fitness … I’m doing quite well at finding some gym classes I’m enjoying, but struggling to find time that I’m not just ramming with work … so was super please to have time to chat with Merry today at lunch as we discussed some possible ideas – and then off for a chat with @BeccaDean which was a great space to ‘think out loud’ – both about workload and also how to make some of the right choices… before coming back with a chat with @BreakoutR on #tfbloggers

Plenty to chew over between those… 

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