The backpack is filling up … what to take and what to leave behind? Every time the same debates in an attempt to pack small, but I can tell you, whatever – I’m not going to look like the only picture I could find on of a woman with a backpack!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve fought our way through snow, rain and wind, and I’ve hovered in front of my woodburning stove… part of me thinks – what is life going to be like next week… aside from hot and a great contrast to what I’m becoming used to “oop north”! I’m not sure that I can anticipate … but definitely open to the possibilities!

Some of the things I’m still thinking about:

In all of this, the power of digital is in allowing us to share stories. Social Media in particularly relies upon networks of networks, and each individual share/comment, etc. is to be treasured… as each gives us an opportunity to share with a slightly wider audience. (We often talk in terms of Twitter – if you have 500 followers, and someone with 5000 followers retweets you — then your potential audience has grown to 5500 – actual audience will be much smaller, but the law of statistics…)

So, as we prepare to head off, camera in hand… what questions would you like to ask of the people living there? Do we go deep, or look for one of those ‘whiteboard’ type “The Bible means…” type content? We can then put some of those questions to them!

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