So today is the day, we’re off to Uganda – my brain keeps semi-singing that to the tune of we’re going to Ibiza, which is a little odd as this is in no way a holiday, but a chance to have a great big adventure as we see what Tearfund is doing – and the expectation is that this could be a pretty challenging trip as we see what needs to be done – but I hope also inspiring as see the transformations that are happening, as the villages are equipped to make changes for themselves (my brain is thinking of those TV programmes where they go into houses where people are overwhelmed by clutter – they need to make the changes and decisions themselves, but they just need a little help… I don’t know if that’s an appropriate comparison, but….).

In many ways it was the painful experiences of redundancy from my first job that sent me off on mind-expanding travels in 2007 – for which I wrote my first ever blog (I’d been building websites for 10 years by that point, but blogging = far more fun), and – as you may have noticed, I’ve become comfortable in that medium, so here we are off to Africa (a country I’ve not yet been to). So, do look out for what we’re doing (, and #tfbloggers) and do look out for opportunities to share what we’re doing… but don’t forget that (tech permitting 😉 social media is 2-way – so ask us questions, comment, and contribute to questions that we/those we are meeting, may have. That would be much appreciated!

Now, let’s me get dressed (jeans for the flight a good idea… I like the pockets!)… and head towards the airport! Thanks for all your encouragement and conversations about this so far!

What more do we need to say today? Prayers for us on our journey, for us as a group, for those we’ll be meeting, and that people will be keen to engage with us  … and hear more from us after we land (internet permitting!):


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