Today’s #lentphotos is ‘navigation’ so I thought I’d use the picture of the map of the road we took Entebbe-Kampala-Jinga-Mbale-Soroti:

2013-02-25 00.52.45

#BigRead13 Thoughts

I love the quote about ‘not a tame lion’, or ‘not a safe lion’ as said here – and Hosea 11:10 seemed a natural Bible focus. It’s so easy for us in the world to think that God is ‘our puppet’ (as last week’s housegroup material focused upon) – but as this week’s housegroup focus reminds us that God is not a tame lion – he loves us, cares for us, he is strong and powerful as a Lion is, but he is also dangerous is treated the wrong way.


Having watched Ugandans grouping around the well today, this seems particularly apt. There seemed to be lots of conversation going on as people gathered together and chatted. Our UK water coolers seem to be both the physical ones in the office, but also digital watercoolers, and isn’t it so much fun double-screening for TV programmes!

Brian Draper/#NotBusy/Pam Webster

A beautiful selection that all tie into the idea of slowing down, having a rest, etc..

Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11

With a really helpful idea that we should lift up a heavy weight and watch as it gets heavier, and know that this is the kind of pressure that we put on ourselves.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to ‘do nothing’ today, in the van (although travel is tiring in its own way), and love this thought from Pam:

Perhaps lent is a time to practice doing nothing.  To put aside busyness and ponder.  To literally take time to smell the roses.  To slow down and appreciate all that God has made and give to us to enjoy.  To focus on the moment, rather than rushing off to the next thing.  For in that moment, we may meet God in a new way.

And finally, a nice thought to complete on return to home from #do1nicething:

Write a letter to a local emergency service and thank them for the work they do #do1nicething

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