#LentPhotos today asks us to look for #refreshment

Girl Smiling
#Refreshment – this shy girls smile as she turned around!

#BigRead13: Thoughts

I remember laughing when I saw this quote “Bless me, what do they teach them at these schools.” -The Professor” … ideas about what/how to learn change frequently – and the scientific agenda of ‘fact’ is so strong that we end up losing creativity… (as I seem to remember Winston Churchill saying about the Second World War – what are we fighting for if it doesn’t include the arts and the imagination…)!

We are given one life to live to the full – but many of us – the way we’ve been brought up, our schooling opens up/closes down the opportunities … confidence has always been my lacking factor, but seeing the kids today – and their basic schooling – they were so excited with paper/pen … keeps reminding us how much we have.

John 13:35

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

This has been running through my head today as we chat with the people in the villages – and the question I often ask in digital training sessions “who is my neighbour in the digital age?” – these guys are our neighbours. I wondered if I was going to feel “sad” but actually I feel inspired and came away with a sense of hope – these people have been empowered to make a difference – and this evening we talked about how PAG, with support from Tearfund (who created the idea) – that there’s no point forcing people into a particular agenda – but empowering them to realise for themselves what they need. Many in the village, after years of being stuck in a refugee camp, were stuck in a subsistence mindset – took little responsibility for their own actions/futures, and they are now learning to do so – producing a bit more than they need to be able to look after themselves/others in their community – really heartening to see! And the kids smiles… made you forget that they were dressed in rags… but when we talked about “what can we do” – supporting Tearfund is one of the best things we can do as they have the infrastructure in place (funds go to PAG, local facilitators) and there is evidence of transformation already in place.


I’ve always taken time to think about my charitable giving (however small it has had to be at times), and list them here – an unsurprising mix of media literacy, Biblical literacy, and basics/development work. I also seek to hold a chunk in reserve to enable me to sponsor lots of people – much easier with JustGiving, Give.net, etc… Timewise, I also seek to give where I can … and this week in Uganda, though a true privilege – is tiring – and I’m superbly aware that the book deadline keeps ticking towards me!

Brian Draper: Lent 40

Very apt for today, along with the other simple objectives set … we too often think that there’s no point just helping one person, as there are so many that still need helping…

‘Do for one person,’ he writes, ‘what I wish I could do for everyone, but can’t.’

But as we saw today in Ogongora, Tearfund/their local partners/the villagers – have all made small changes which have transformed their communities, and the message is spreading to other communities. If it had seemed pointless to “start with a single step” there would not be so much evidence of changed lives to see.


Lent challenge for today is say hello to people…#othersrworthit#ShowSomeLove

Well, I think I may have done that with just one or two people today … very strange having people almost curtsey as they shake hands with you…

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