Liz has already written Richard’s story (I noticed the same billboard – I’m a sucker for advertising, and it’s been one of my big fascinations on this trip), so I thought I’d just add the video (sorry, on its side) which has actually sucked up most of my data – so enjoy it!

Some great images from his home … and the internet is full of kittens, so make sure you see that there’s one there too! More seriously, Richard was deeply challenged by the need to be ‘salt and light’, and questioned how he could be salt or light to his wife and family if he was drunk and beating them – and it’s great to see how high his aspirations reach.

I was fascinated to ask how marriage works in Uganda – tends to be arranged between the parents, though the daughter can say no. The wife is expected to do washing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, the children – etc, whilst the husband gets up – works had til about 10, and then spends all their money on drink (but he doesn’t see it as their money), before beating the wife – so a lot of the work that’s being done on this aspect is having huge changes day by day – including a chart where the husband/wife indicate what they will be doing at each our of the day – so they can see for themselves what is happening.

Filmed/written yesterday. Read more about Richard on Tearfund.

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