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So mostly just inspired about who we’d met that day (which is OK, we feel how we feel!) – Simon’s story was the one that got to me. All day we’d been sitting on the chairs and benches that he’d constructed as a skilled carpenter – one set so comfortable I would purchase given half-a-chance, but he has diabetes and therefore can no longer work – seems crazy that something that’s so simple to fix with medicine that’s available elsewhere –  but I think too expensive here – has left him unable to work – therefore the children do most of the work.

Simon had an interesting story to tell about his involvement in the process, as he had previously done early morning work, then gone drinking, and never consulted his wife on anything. Now in all the decisions that they have to make they discuss them together… and they live in a space with a hut each for husband, wife, daughters, sons, plus a grain store and a pigeon loft. As with all the people we met, they seem so empowered (which is the plan) to take responsibility for their lives, and make the changes that they need – rather than waiting for a miracle (the miracle is themselves).

Met Tuesday 26th February 2013

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