George William stood up in our session in Weela to say how much he enjoyed participating in the PEP process.  When he was first introduced to the idea, he wasn’t too sure about it, as he’d gone along expecting the usual handouts received from other NGOs. He became someone who went to collect information from the process – people were unsure about what he would do with the information they would give him, so he had to explain every time, so did get the information required to show where the village needed to focus its efforts.

George William was an orphan, married at 15, with 3 children by the time the PEP process started, but found that he was not able to provide for them. He felt that PEP would show him what he could do, and started to think more about the resources that he already had and how he could use them. In 2010 he managed to produced 10 bags of groundnuts, and was able to store them in order to sell them at a good time to secure good prices. He was then able to buy a motorcycle, and his next aspiration is to build a brick house – and he has already started making the bricks.

George William gave specific thanks to Tearfund for providing the money to PAG, which then trains the villagers in the knowledge required.

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