Gideon is the Senior Pastor in the area … and as with many pastors, this is a voluntary role, so he still needs to farm in order to survive and provide. He started by saying that he used to judge the other church leaders, as he expected them to help him. 

Before the PEP process, along with his wife, he had to hand-till the land. With knowledge from the process, and persistence, he was able to buy chickens, then goats, then cows, and now Oxen. Around his home, the land is bushy, so he started to clear this and planted – he now has over 120 cypress trees, and some are now fruiting and ready to pick.  He expects each tree should fill on average 100kg bag – and as the trees get older, are likely to produce up to 3 bags per tree (oranges, in case you want specifics).

Gideon has learnt to balance money better, and to save, especially for schooling. Also on his land, he grows onions, which he will transplant when the rains come. He expects to produce around 10 bags (100kg) at around 4000UGS per kilo.

As a church they are still working together on the building, but also want another nursery and vocational schools. There are a large number in the churches, visitors “are most welcome”, and there are a large number of evangelism programmes – with 45 new Christians joining the church recently.

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