On Friday we visited the sub-district of Weela, which went through the PEP process around 6 years ago, and was one of the pilot projects for PEP (see all Facebook photos). Those in the village were certainly enthusiastic advocates for the scheme, and were keen to show us what had been achieved – and were disappointed that as we’d left a couple of hours late (due to a vehicle breakdown) we couldn’t visit as many people’s homes (if we get back really late, it’s hard to get any blogging done!).

Some of the general information they shared with us is that

The villagers work together to evaluate the process, expecting this to be ongoing for generations, as there are always improvements that can be made. PAG only checks in about once a year now, but all continue working and praying together… and note that the leader in the village is a Muslim – the process is open to all – and tends to focus on points of unity, rather than points of difference. (Can I just get an Amen there!)

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  1. Amen to that!

    I really appreciate all of the posts and tweets you and your colleagues are sending about this Uganda trip. So interesting, and helps us to think and pray for the Ugandans and it helps us to recognise how much we take for granted (and how wasteful we are) here in the UK. Thanks.

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