Written 10th March – I had half this written in my head yesterday – including the fact that the previous week I’d been bouncing across Ugandan roads in 34+ degree heat, but decided to leave my computer behind for much of the day – aside from reading many wonderful birthday messages 🙂 


Focus is on “bettering yourself” … I was thinking learning, self-development – so I thought I’d put listening (to Pete) at #cnmac10 … look out for #cnmac13 later this year:


#BigRead13 Thoughts

I was playing with the combination of The Screwtape Letters, where it seems we are encouraged to ‘lose ourselves’ so much … but in the process that the uniqueness that God has created in each of us becomes more a part of us? This seemed to tie in entirely with Matthew 16:24 – where each of us is called to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Jesus – where he wants to take us (even if that’s up north ;-)) We spend so much time trying to conform into what this world expects of us, but we can be freed to be ourselves …


A simple action in anticipation of Mothering Sunday – and a great explanation:

“There are two common misconceptions regarding Mothering Sunday.

The first error is to call it Mother’s Day. It is not. Mother’s Day is a fine tradition but its roots are completely different, invented as it was in the US by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and falling on the second Sunday in May. Mothering Sunday is ours, and goes back to the sixteenth century.

The second, more understandable perhaps, is that it primarily exists to celebrate motherhood. Not so. ‘A-mothering’ meant visiting your mother church.

When apprentices and those in service were given the day off for this Christian obligation, to go home to their own churches, they would pick the new spring flowers on the way and give them to their mothers – a secondary thank you.”

Brian Draper: Lent 40

‘A Christian is one who is on the way, though not necessarily very far along it, and who has at least some dim and half-baked idea of who to thank.’

Frederich Buechner

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