#LentPhotos has an interesting challenge today – look for #divine – I think we can see “The Divine” in everything, though it was of course tempting to use Divine chocolate…


#BigRead13 Thoughts

As someone who’s been involved in the development of teaching and learning, it’s always good to think about what it is that makes for a good teacher – some thoughts from the top of my head:

Can be difficult to make all happen – and that’s why many teachers spend several hours preparing for each hour of teaching…

Today’s Bible verse seems to indicate that we will become most like “our teacher” – or anyone that we learn from I have to say, whether that be parents, friends, museums, church, etc. etc..


Well, I wrote it, so obviously I think that clearing out your wardrobe is a good thing, and have done it – learning from others in the process!!

Brian Draper: Lent 40

So the first step, today, is to notice when you’re tempted to prove yourself or defend yourself. Noticing this is more than half the battle. At that point, simply step back – maybe count to ten.

Remember that we are loved by God, that we have nothing to prove though my brain is thinking, but we still should our best, but as Carol Fogarty said to me many years ago – aim for excellence, and not perfection!


#Do1NiceThing Lent Challenge today – Say sorry even when its not your fault! #OthersRWorthIt

Stephen Cherry ?@StephenCherry1: Attended service @durhamcathedral to provide welcome. Preacher praised virtues of #NOTBUSY Sermon included 5 mins of sheer silence. #chuffed

I have to say with #notbusy am still finding it hard to stop still entirely, but it is encouraging more to take time out for myself – e.g. my swim this morning “eeek, panic, don’t have time”, but it’s so important for my mental health aside from anything else!

Pam’s Perambulations: “I have to confess to getting a little irked by Building Conservation.  Not keeping a good building how it was if it can be enjoyed by all as part of our heritage, but when such buildings are no longer fit for purpose, yet it is insisted that it is kept how it was – even if it doesn’t meet the needs of today’s community.” Oh yes – people think that as a historian I must want everything kept “as is”, but really – what exactly is “what it was” – buildings change over time – do we take it back to its original state, it’s most famous state, most recent? etc.. Function SO should be a consideration…

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