#LentPhotos for today is “support” … ignoring the image of “a bra” that keeps creeping into my mind, I nip off to Seed Resources again – and find this image of the pillars that hold up many Cathedrals – always amazed by the architecture in these places – before so many of the things that make modern construction possible were in place:


#BigRead13: Thoughts

I always remember those little leaflets, with the big gap, and Jesus’ cross laid across the gap as the bridge builder – the epitomy of the verse in today’s Bible verses.

Really useful to be reminded about whether the way may be long or short, there is a clear way – just wish I could see it more clearly sometimes.

Writing this late after an exhausting couple of days – just seen this on Facebook: 

a teenager who described the pits of depression, not as a waste of time where you cease to be of any use to anybody and your mind swirls into darker realms, but as a pit stop, a place to rejuvenate, ready to go onwards after getting sorted


Present buying – well that can be a challenge for many people. I had a reputation for often making good, personal choices – and I spent a lot of time doing that – then I get caught up in work, I’m running late, and I’ve not seen whoever it is for a while, and I don’t know what to get – though I often work on the basis that with most of my friends you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine – hopefully remembering the right colour, etc. of people’s drinks! Nice idea to make personalised cards though, one of my friends does, and it always makes me smile!

Brian Draper: Lent 40

Beautifully simple today – to take time to savour things – e.g. making a cup of tea – don’t be rushing to fill the time whilst waiting for the kettle to boil (or whatever else you enjoy doing), but take time to stop, and savour … as does #notbusy!

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