Today’s #lentphotos is #moretemptation .. I thought this image from @seedresources was interesting – often when we talk about Jesus in the desert is about the Devil tempting Jesus… here he’s tempted to ask for the burden to be taken away … often have that debate about “oh, he was God so he didn’t really suffer as he knew what was after”, but he was ‘fully human’ and went through it all…

#BigRead13 Thoughts

We’ve been preparing material to celebrate The Lindisfarne Gospels around the series of “I am” statements – and on Holy Island – there is “The Pilgrim’s Way” – where you can – when the tide is right – follow the footsteps of Cuthbert (whose feast day it is today). In many ways, for that route, there is also “no other way”, and it’s not without risk (as can be seen by the ‘rescue points’ on the path/road that are the only places to rest if swimming back is too much).

We had a bit of a discussion about this at housegroup the other day as I mentioned that in Uganda we had a Christian service led by a Muslim who said “we all serve the same God” as we wondered if God is bigger than our human intelligence, but also this passage – both Biblical and in C.S.Lewis is clear that “there is only one way”. I know it’s a big question, but ofttimes I feel that I can but take responsibility for my own way of living/understanding, and that any ‘evangelism’ as such has to come from others who may want to open the questions – and then I should ‘be prepared to answer’ (which I don’t always feel BTW!)…


‘Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.’ James 1:19

Bearing in mind the tweet that @pmphillips sent me yesterday about a book opening more conversations (than a Kindle, for which the cover can’t be seen) … and indeed on the train the other week I got talking to a lady who saw the book I was reading on #digitalparenting – led to a conversation – her colleague investigates cyberbullying, and we’re now in touch, I thought this section was interesting:

The lady sitting next to me on the bus yesterday said. ‘This is a God-incidence.’ She pulled out of her Mary-Poppins-type bag a book on the Christian faith and found it amazing that she had sat next to a follower of the very person she was searching for.

The rest of today’s post emphasises the need to listen (which I interpret as: to truly listen, not “uh-huh” whilst we wait for our own turn to speak) – and that’s something I often emphasise in social media training – when tweeting it’s not about broadcasting out information, but about listening to what people want and seeking to respond to that. But I also like his idea that you ask the person who serves you coffee – and be interested in the answer (assuming of course that it’s not so busy that you won’t just stress them out!). I always remember when I worked for Oak Hall that was one of the reasons that despite there being a DVD player on the coaches, they weren’t used as the (long!) coach journey gave people – some of whom had come on their own – a chance to chat and get to know each  other before spending a week together.

Brian Draper: Lent 40

The need to have gratitude – look out for the song ‘Hallelujah’ and really listen to the words… then seek things to which you can say the (less pious) ‘Hurrah’

‘Hurrah’ probably derives from a Norse term meaning ‘on to paradise’, according to Dave. ‘Every experience of real delight and happiness is in its own way a taste of paradise,’ he concludes, a foretaste of heaven.’

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