Today’s #LentPhotos is ‘The Road Travelled’ – for which I decided to go to my TripAdvisor pins and screenshot them (taking out the many ‘I still wish to go to’ pins:


#BigRead13 Thoughts

So, we’re onto the last book in the Narnia series today The Last Battle, in which Aslan was found by those who sought him… combined with the simple – but powerful – verse:

New International Version (©2011) (Matthew 7:7)
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Which does come accompanied by questions about do we have to seek, what about those who don’t know how to seek, etc (seen many of those on my travels) .. what does it mean to “seek” – we are encouraged that it’s active prayer/Bible reading, etc. but I’ve been challenged more about taking time out/space to “be” so that God can speak in the silence (not v. good at it mind!)


A challenge today to think about how we engage those with learning disabilities in the church … do many of our practices/policies (unintentionally) discriminate – when groups such as Prospects can offer much more involvement – and someone in the comments has suggested more church families getting involved in ‘Shared Lives‘…

Brain Draper: Lent 40

Are we able to articulate our dreams, or are they limited by our imagination/language. A poem to help:

God’s Dream

I myself will dream a dream within you,
Good dreams comes from me, you know.
My dreams may seem impossible,
not too practical
not for the cautious man or woman;
a little risky sometimes,
a trifle brash perhaps.

Some of my friends prefer
to rest more comfortably,
in sounder sleep
with visionless eyes.
But from those who share my dreams
I ask a little patience,
a little humor,
some small courage,
and a listening heart –
I will do the rest.

Then they will risk
and wonder at their daring;
run, and marvel at their speed;
build, and stand in awe
at the beauty of their building.

You will meet me often as you work –
in your companions who share the risk,
in your friends who believe in you enough
to lend their own dreams,
their own hands,
their own hearts
to your building.
In the people who will stand in your doorway,
stay awhile,
And walk away knowing that they too can find a dream.

There will be sun-filled days
and sometimes it will rain –
a little variety both come from me.

So come now, be content.
It is my dream you dream,
my house you build,
my caring you witness;
my love you share,
and this is the heart of the matter.

Charles Peguy


A reminder, and one to rethink… I definitely do use my smartphone as an alarm, but I know that Bryony has challenged herself to not look at her phone til 9am, and finding a difference in her mindset for the day..


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