565499_news_news_and_more_newsInteresting piece on the need to keep staff informed internally – always something that we’ve talked about in the age of social media – if you want people to tweet good stuff about your organisation, they’ve got to feel a sense of ownership/involvement in it (aka not just ‘nice glossy newsletters from top-down’) – and also need to know the good stuff (but also a recognition that those ‘up top’ understand the down stuff too):

Staff members spend much of their time dealing with student problems, so “the ethos, or the story around your university really becomes one of mediocre performance”, he told delegates on 26 March at the annual conference of the Association of University Administrators in Edinburgh.

To change the common internal perception that a university was merely “OK” or “all right”, institutions needed to target their staff with news of student achievement, awards and successful research, he advised.

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