Officially I’m working on a review for Resurrection Year, but as that’s not out til the end of May, and as I enjoyed that book so much – plus what Sheridan has written for #BigRead, I decided to order Unseen Footprints. I’ve enjoyed meandering in and out of the book throughout the past 3-4 months… and it is eminently dip-in-and-outable.

If Sheridan hasn’t yet met with Brian Draper, I think they’d get on exceedingly well, as this book reminded me of much of the material that Brian has encouraged me to engage with. Sheridan has drawn from a great range of sources, including The Bible, U2, The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe, Philip Yancey and many more. At one point he has a conversation with God, based on comments on his blog… to which God replies:

I do not need your worship. I never have. I want a relationship with you – communication. And amongst other things, worship is your expressing to me in a word and action why you value me, the painter of sunsets, the originator of beauty, the one greater than all splendour combined.

Great stories, great pictures .. and eminently revisitable.

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