mUB2TpQTotally recognise this (though seeking to say yes more often.. otherwise we get the same voices over and over again):

There is an epidemic among female academics. It is called “impostor syndrome” and it can affect even the most steely of professors.

It is said to take effect when a call comes through from a press office or television researcher, asking for an “expert” in the academics’ subjects.

“Their depth of knowledge may be vast but women often think: ‘There’s someone better suited than me,’” explains Donna Taberer, head of public service partnerships at the BBC Academy, a training centre with an industry-wide remit. When a man takes the call, more likely “he says yes and works it out in the taxi on the way to the studio”.

Read full story, more info on the BBC, and I’ll be keeping an eye on @TheBBCAcademy

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