[WORKSHOP]: Improve Your Academic Profile Online

[WORKSHOP]: Improve Your Academic Profile Online

Education Cup on Globe Keywords. Vector illustrationDo you know that you need to raise you academic profile; know that social media is freely available, but have no idea how to make use of it? This daylong course will give you the confidence and skills to get started. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss topics including:

  • How to get yourself a profile online, whilst managing your time strategically
  • Maximise your chances of being picked up by the press
  • Understand the range of tools available to you, with the opportunity to look at Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube and Pinterest in particular
  • Think about who you are, and who you are seeking to engage with
  • Engage with ‘Open Educational Resources’, Copyright, and Creative Commons
  • Contemplate how “technology enhanced learning” has changed the educational landscape.

The course doesn’t require you to know anything about social media. It will be conducted through a mix of presentation and discussion, with materials available to download later to undertake practical engagement.

A recent slidedeck from the course:

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