1411285_phone_callIn yesterday’s newspaper, a checkout operative at Sainsbury’s refused to serve a customer unless she finished her mobile phone call first. The customer said:

I was dumbfounded at the time so just hung up. I don’t know what she was playing at. I couldn’t believe how rude she was.

But the majority of those online who joined in the debate were behind the checkout girl:

I think using a mobile phone when you are engaged in an activity involving face to face contact with another person is incredibly rude and offensive.

Read the full story in the Evening Standard, which the following day sent a reporter into four stores in London, and paid whilst on the phone. All operatives served her, but afterwards said that they had found it rude:

You came up to me while you were on the phone. I find that really rude. I won’t make a comment but I find it quite rude. Sometimes they’re talking about private stuff. I don’t want to hear that, I don’t want to hear if they had sex last night.

Read the full story in the Evening Standard. What do you think? Who was being rude?



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