keepcalmSo, we had the EU ruling that Coop is allowed to keep the trademark for ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, but the fight’s not over yet (not that I’ve ever made a penny on it, but I like the attitude of Barter Books with regards to this)

A famous Northumberland book shop’s bid to overturn a European ruling relating to the use of a historic phrase has failed.

Barter Books, the second-hand shop in the former train station at Alnwick, led a challenge to a European Union (EU) decision to award a trademark for the Keep Calm and Carry On phrase, which has become a global phenomenon since a chance discovery at the store

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But Barter Books’ owner Stuart Manley has not yet given up the fight. He criticised the decision, describing it as ‘disappointing’ and ‘perverse’, accusing Mr Coop of hijacking the phrase.

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