6 Stories About #DigitalParenting 17/08/13

6 Stories About #DigitalParenting 17/08/13

News Headline On Mobile Phone For Online Information Or MediaKeeping track of a number of stories relating to ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ in the news:

  • Don’t ban the internet. Educate your kids: Social media is here to stay, and if you are a parent you have two choices. You can ban the internet (good luck with that) or you can educate yourself, and do your best to educate your children, so that they know how to cope with abuse if it happens to them; and so they don’t grow up believing that sending threats of sexual violence out into cyberspace is an acceptable way to spend a Saturday evening.
  • How technology can erode a family’s foundation: “I wanted parents to think about how we sustain healthy family relationships through this new time,” said Steiner-Adair, who also teaches in Harvard’s psychiatry program. “So it became a very in-depth, comprehensive book.”

  • Apple tightens rules on children’s apps: New guidelines from Apple say apps aimed at the under-13s must avoid behavioural advertising, ask for parental permission for in-app purchases and include a privacy policy .

  • That’s a novelty: Children of the digital age are switching to printed magazines: A death knell has been sounded for the weekly “lads’ mags” but a new generation of “digitally native” children are confounding predictions by buying printed magazines.
  • New digital mobile classroom to visit Canterbury next week: The Life Education Trust’s new prototype classroom uses technology to engage children’s imaginations and is intended to propel the Trust into the next 25 years as a relevant and essential player in the health curriculum
  • Hacking Real Things Becomes Child’s Play At This Camp: At r00tz, a camp that takes place each year during the Def Con convention in Las Vegas, children learn to pick locks, hack smart TVs and, most important, how to take apart and understand the technology that surrounds them.

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