writing-1209718-mPoetry … it seems like such highbrow activity, one that must be taken in the right environment… and something that has largely terrified me since school! But at Greenbelt this past weekend, partly because for #BIGRead14 we’re using Stephen Cherry’s poem-prayers Barefoot Prayers, I decided to go to poetry session – with Anthony Wilson if I remember rightly, sat on the grass in a tent, feeling rather grubby I enjoyed myself. Some of the key notes I made in the session:

We then undertook an exercise to write our own poetry… Earlier in the session we’d been encouraged to think of weather (sunshine), music (jazz), animal (cow), place you’d love to be (beach), and what you think first thing in the morning (urgh) – we then have 5 mins to write a poem – here’s what I came up with:

As the sun streams through the office window

I dream of dozing on the beach

As funky jazz plays softly in the background

And a cow wanders past in the surf

Urgh – I’m back at the desk, cursor winking impatiently at me”

And I even volunteered to read it out (well, if you’re going to have a learning experience, might as well go the whole hog!) – and got positive feedback that people could picture it (and the sense of frustration of being back in front of an immovable screen)!

Most important advice: be in the poem and keep it short.

Learn more with The Poetry School, or Peter Samson ‘Writing Poems‘ recommended for reading lists/exercises.

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