14084_privacy_and_media_freedom_by_raymond_wacksFollowing some conversations this week, this looks an interesting book on privacy in a media age:

“Do we remain a free society when we surrender our right to be unobserved?” asks the renowned law scholar and privacy expert Raymond Wacks at the beginning of his timely new book. In Privacy and Media Freedom, he shines light on the complex conflict between privacy and freedom of expression. Taking the phone-hacking scandal as a starting point, he offers a comprehensive legal perspective and helps us navigate through the various traditions, interpretations and practices of privacy law. He traces the historic emergence of privacy norms, discusses recent changes in privacy protection in the English law, addresses different levels of jurisdiction (the national as well as the European Union level), and considers trends including the unprecedented collection and storage of data in digital environments. We learn how courts have addressed key issues such as the public interest, where the division lines lie between the private and public realm, and what balancing tests have been applied to reconcile freedom of expression and privacy.

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