phdgradI thought this was a really interesting piece – knowing even what job title, etc to go with the sweated over title can be hard enough, if we can’t even use Dr … then what… it’s not posturing – it’s 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration – fulfilled!

This scene perfectly illustrates a disturbing trend I have noticed in academia, one we should end very soon. It has become popular to rob academics with the title of “Dr” of their titles in professional settings where its use is entirely appropriate.

I first noticed this at a large academic conference where my work was to be presented. On the registration form, I wrote my name as “Dr Becky Lee Meadows”. When I received my name badge at the conference, it said simply “Becky” in large black print, with “Becky Meadows” in smaller print below. When I asked about my missing title, I was told that the conference administrators did not allow the use of the title “Dr” because other conference participants might find it intimidating.

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  1. Intimidating? Goodness I jolly well hope so. Perhaps it may affect male ego whom have not got a PhD? I have not got one I respect those whom have focussed in one area of study as much as it requires.
    It has more to do with guts, determination, the fighting within an academic setting, and a little with inspired intelligence.
    If you have worked that hard then you deserve the right to use it, but use it well. I was lectured by a Dr in social history, decided everybody should drop regional accents, and even African ones, with a stupid Oxford intimidation. She did not get my respect.
    Well at work I am surrounded by them…. and they are not PhD types, the only one with a doctorate is actually a midwife and he does not even use it. His study was in stem cells.

  2. When I attend conferences my name badge just says “Simon Lucas” not “Mr Simon Lucas.” I think some of you PhDs might be getting a little over sensitive!

    1. I don’t think it’s us getting over-sensitive 🙂 Depends entirely what kind of conference – e.g. #CNMAC13 = not bothered, an academic conference = makes a difference (whether it should or not is another matter!)

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