A little bit of history from Maggi today – understanding how Advent has changed. Previously very much like Lent … but the middle Sunday in Lent (Gaudete was a chance to add some colour and flavour to a time of fasting) … in my iTunes today a version of this came up, so I thought I’d share: 

An interesting passage from Maggi that makes me think – as we share more of ourselves on social media (or do we?) – if we’re looking for a striking/impressive leader, we’re rarely likely to pick someone from our own community:

Because it’s so much easier to believe in someone when all we see is their strengths, their good points, their potential. It’s much harder to believe in someone if we’ve seen them fall down in the playground, fail an exam or be dumped by a girlfriend or two. Once we’ve seen someone in all their humanity, it’s much harder to believe in them as a superhero.

Combined with Ron Glusenkamp’s call to be patient with people and their situations, we also need to be patient with each other, and as we each seek our callings (not necessarily ordination), require encouragement and input from others in our community, as Damascus moments are rare!

Oh look, and today Brian Draper encourages us that most steps of faith aren’t huge ‘ah-ha’ moments, but:

But often, the real step of faith is in taking the smallest, most ordinary decision: to trust the path, and to keep going. When you want to give up. When you just don’t understand. When the road seems rough and steep. As David wrote so powerfully in Psalm 23, ‘He guides me along the right paths… Even though I walk through the darkest valley…’

I went on a Labyrinth walk with Brian at Hilliers before I moved to Durham … and in walking back out again, I ran into some friends – a good reminder that in moving to Durham I haven’t left all my Winchester friends behind… and thankfully most of them are online!

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