It’s nearly Christmas … did anyone notice? Short of walking through town I’ve largely missed most of the consumerist side for sure (much as I like people, I am not a fan of shopping stampedes, so try and make the deadlines for presents, etc. earlier in my head!). Great little challenge from Brian today:

Savour the waiting, today. Each time you are delayed, notice your impatient desire not to be ‘here’ … and then say to your soul, be still.


Another from Ron .. we tend to think of Angels as huge, winged, beings (or if you watch #thebibleuk, as Ninjas), but we never know who they are, or where they might be – the person offering to carry a bag (thanks for yesterday Rich), or the other small things we can do … including waiting with patience whilst things are delayed … as also we looked at with Maggi yesterday (I can always feel the difference between when I have left plenty of time to get somewhere – I can meander and look at things, rather than barge through people).

Maggi today draws on Luke 1:34-38, when Mary is visited by an Angel, who seems to be prepared to engage with Mary’s questions (a case of how will it happen, rather than convince me it will, as Zechariah’s questioning)… and the importance of ‘free will’ in that Mary had a choice in this.

To be without question is not a sign of faith, but of lack of depth. Jonathan Sacks

There’s an important difference between questions that demand an answer, and those that seek to understand who/what God really is/desires.

The call of God is an invitation, not an imposition.

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  1. Christmas is just around the corner and suddenly it strikes me that this year it has been more difficult for me to focus on Christ’s coming during the advent season than ever before. The busyness increases year after year, life today is faster than ever, but most importantly the headlines and news everywhere are constantly telling me what scandal, tragedy or sensation I should be concerned about today.

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