In the material from Maggi Dawn today, we are encouraged to think about some of the details of the ‘Christmas Story’ – that the shepherd’s were those who clung to the outskirts of society …

The question we might ask ourselves, then, is not what was so special about the shepherds, but what it is about society that renders those of us who are ‘insiders’ incapable of seeing and hearing God when he speaks.

A challenge today from Brian Draper to learn to truly appreciate the light, by embracing complete darkness – in our modern world there are artificial lights/screens everywhere we turn – can we turn them all off and watch the darkness draw in? I’m looking forward to trying that in Morrocco that’s for sure…

Ron Glusenkamp encourages us to think about friendship – in order to have friends, you need to be a friend… it’s a reciprocal relationship requiring attention/listening.

and me… am about to go around to a new friend’s house and watch ‘Arthur Christmas’! 

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