Ron Glusenkamp quotes Frederick Buechner:

Doubt is the ants in the pants of faith. It keeps it alive and moving.

with an activity encouraged, rather like #3goodthings, to write down ways in which God has been faithful to me today.

Today’s piece from Maggi Dawn is reminding me that should I ever earn enough ££, I would love to visit Israel and see the original ‘Biblelands’ .. know lots of people who’ve been with Oak Hall – they all say – exhausting but brilliant… but adds another layer of understanding to the Bible stories (in today’s story, particularly the ‘turning away from the Inn’)… the one-roomed family party house – was it too full, or was Mary’s condition too much of a disgrace?

Jesus doesn’t ask us to sweep our our lives before he will be born within us. He asks only that we find whatever space we can, and do not delay, because his birth (and our rebirth) is imminent. He doesn’t wait for a rapturous and well-prepared welcome. He doesn’t turn down our humble, imperfect and perhaps even slightly grudging invitation. He doesn’t ask for satin and velvet, diamonds and Dom Perignon. He’ll be born wherever. All we have to do is make space for him.

Happy Christmas to all (breakfast was 930am – hence earlier get up than most other days so far this week!)

As Seed Resources says, not Biblically accurate, but I love this…

See what else #Christmasmeans for me…


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