Resting on open air

As a youth leader, you may feel the responsibility for helping keep the children that you work with safe online, but also want to know how they – and you – can use it to its full advantage. In this day course, developed from Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion Hudson, 2014), internet scare stories and distorted statistics are put into context, clear and sensible guidelines are offered. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your hopes, fears and experiences with others in a similar situation, and study examples of how others have used social media successfully with youth.

Who is the course for?

What you will learn:

What preparation do I need to do?

There is no official preparation is required for this session, although it may be helpful to put forward any particular questions that you may have early in the workshop or via email to bex[@] before the event.


Find future dates when I’m running this course in London for the Church of England, or contact me about coming to your Diocese or organisation. I can also adapt the material to work within a shorter timeframe. See what others have said about my work.

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